Don’t Rely On Protective Gear, Strengthen Your Immune System!

Strengthening your immune system

Everyone is running to buy face masks and protective gear and that’s great and all, but the only way to truly protect ourselves in a health pandemic is by boosting our immune systems. 

Are face masks effective? Experts have debated on the answer. 

Some experts say that wearing facemasks can decrease the likelihood of transferring a deadly virus, while others argue that facemasks are not fully effective. 

One thing the experts do agree on is the importance of staying healthy and keeping the immune system ready to fight off deadly viruses. 

woman exercising to stay healthy

A virus cannot destroy an immune system that is built to fight it. Even if the protective gear is not 100% effective, a strong immune system can block a virus and protect the body. 

In this crazy time, it’s important to spread awareness about healthy living and the importance of boosting your immune system. We’ve packed this article with information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and boosting the immune system. 

Can Facemasks Protect me from viruses? 

Medical professionals say that facemasks can help to reduce the spread of coronavirus. 

The World Health Organization vouches for “the rational use of personal protective equipment (PPE), in health care and community settings”.

Protective gear is an add-on to healthy personal hygiene, like hand-washing, as well as social distancing and healthy living. 

It’s crucial that people who are sick or feeling symptoms wear a mask to protect others in the home and in the community from contracting air-borne illnesses.

facemask used as protective gear

Studies show that protective gear does work in the effort to stop the spread of viruses, but even with protective gear people can still be exposed to viruses in specific situations. Researchers are working day and night to gain more information on how new viruses spread until we get that information, it’s hard to say how effective protective gear truly is.

The uncertainty on the origin and the spread of diseases leave us feeling vulnerable. 

So, what can we do about this? How can we fight viruses when we don’t even know where they come from and how they spread?

The key to fighting viruses is strengthening your immune system. 

How can I boost my Immune System? 

With a healthy immune system, we are unstoppable, it’s the strongest defense line against bacteria and viruses. Choosing a healthy lifestyle and maintaining strong diet and exercise habits can help naturally strengthen the immune system and protect the body from viruses. Here are some basic things that can be done to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Quit smoking and using tobacco products
  • Eat fruits and vegetables regularly
  • Exercise often and keep moving
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Moderate alcohol intake
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Be sure to cook meat thoroughly
  • Maintain a stress-free environment
vegetables and fruits to boost immune system

These basic steps can help to boost the immune system and protect it from viruses.

There are hundreds of products on the market that claim to help boost the immune system. The question is: do they actually work? 

The answer is complicated because the concept of boosting immunity is more intricate than just taking a pill or consuming a product. A healthy immune system is built over time. The key is to maintain a well rounded healthy lifestyle. 

Those of us who are feeling anxious and unsure during this pandemic should focus on developing a consistent regiment of vitamins and minerals, maintaining a healthy sleeping pattern, and engaging in exercise regularly. 

Here is a list of things that can help to build the immune system over time. 

Sleep well and sleep often: Getting enough sleep allows the immune system to take a break. While we’re awake, the body works to fight off viruses and unwanted bacteria. If the body lacks sleep, the immune system goes into high defense mode, it thinks the body is sick. A healthy night’s sleep stops the immune system from going into overdrive.

Workout Outside: Step outside and take a walk. Just 15-30 minutes of outdoor workout can help regulate blood circulation and lets the cells of the immune system travel through the body. Walking outside helps to build the T cell count and ultimately boosts immunity.

man doing workout outdoors

Maintain a stress-free environment – Stress brings sickness. Stress triggers the immune system into overdrive. When the mind and body are under stress, the immune system feels as if it is attacked and the body begins to produce cortisol (an inflammation-fighting hormone) which can cause the body and the immune system harm.

What Foods Boost Your Immune System?

Healthy eating and consuming the right vitamins and minerals is the best way to maintain a strong immune system. The body needs specific vitamins for all of its functions. We’ve put together a list of vitamins needed to build a robust immune system. We’ve also included immunity-boosting foods to add to your grocery list.  

Vitamin B6: The key to immune system functionality.  B6 is prominent in bananas, tuna, baked potatoes, and chickpeas. 

Vitamin A: Defends the immune system against invasion.  Get your vitamin A from carrots, pumpkin, squash, and sweet potatoes. 

Vitamin D – Extremely crucial to boosting immunity, vitamin D protects against viral infections, cold, and flu. The best way to consume vitamin D is by eating fatty fish like salmon, drinking orange juice and milk, and getting a lot of sunshine. 

a woman getting a dose of vitamin D from sunlight

Vitamin C: Heavily in citrus fruits and fresh leafy greens like spinach, kale, and Brussels sprouts. 

Probiotics: The body has good bacteria that live in the digestive tract and helps to keep the gut healthy. Probiotics create antibodies and T cells to fight off viruses.

Foods with live active cultures, like buttermilk, and yogurt are heavy in probiotics. Look for fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha tea. 

Wearing protective gear can help stop the spread of deadly viruses, but a strong immune system is the key to surviving a health pandemic crisis. Visit Coronamedic for all your protective gear today.

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