Bacti Control Gel 59ml

    HKD $30.00

    For the page please put that as well but add on – Keep your hands and the hands of those you love safe, with Bacti Control 70% alcohol antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral hand sanitizer gel. Fast and effective cleansing, no water or soap required. Doesn’t dry out your skin like some other brands of gel, due to the inclusion of Aloe Vera which also has has potent antimicrobial properties.
    Bacti Control features:
    • Non-sticky, pleasant feel during use
    • No residual after effects
    • Does not smell strongly of alcohol sanitizer
    • Dries quickly after application
    • Moisturizes hands to keep skin clean and soft due to formula enriched with aloe vera
    • Pleasant fragrance
    Apply a very small amount of gel (1mL) onto the palm of your hand. Rub it between your hands until dried. No rinsing after use required.