Face Masks

10March, 2020 – The Global Mask Shortage May Get Much Worse

9 March 2020 – Hong Kong airline worker denied bail over alleged face mask fraud

7 March, 2020 – Coronavirus: Hong Kong shipping firms under fire as face mask frenzy causes weeks-long delivery backlog

5 March, 2020 – Coronavirus: ombudsman to investigate after masks made by Hong Kong prison inmates go for sale on open market

13 February, 2020 – New arrests in Hong Kong over online face mask scams

12 February, 2020 – ‘It’s like a war’: the fight for rice and toilet roll as coronavirus convulses Hong Kong

11 February, 2020 – Thousands of face masks stolen in Kowloon amid coronavirus-induced shortage | Coconuts Hong Kong

7 February, 2020 – Hong Kong police officer delivered face masks to his family using official vehicle

6 February, 2020 – Hong Kong residents join massive queues for masks as fears of coronavirus spread


17 March, 2020 Coronavirus: Hong Kong to place arrivals from all foreign countries under home quarantine

17 March, 2020 COVID-19: Hong Kong to charge daily fee to stay in quarantine facility

16 March, 2020 Hong Kong will start quarantining everyone who visits from outside the city